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Hi, I'm M.C.Walker

Who am I? I'm an Atlanta based ghostwriter, copywriter, editor and writing coach extraordinaire. I take care of both the nitty-gritty aspects of writing, like grammar and spelling, as well as the big-picture issues of organization and flow. If you have visions of publishing a book dancing in your head, then you’re in the right place. 

I help business owners transform their expertise into a finished book that grows their business, establishes their authority, and earns passive income.

For copywriting, I transform your words into a language your audience will love to help generate quality leads and grow your business. 

Topics I enjoy writing about:

-Personal Injury Law

-Real Estate

-Health and Wellness


Clients I Work With:

Fiction Authors: Urban, Christian fiction, YA, erotica, and romance.

Nonfiction Authors: self-help books and some general nonfiction books.

Business Professionals: website content, business marketing documents, and self-marketing documents (resumes, cover letters, biographies, and personal statements)

Students: academic feedback, essay writing help, and self-marketing documents

Interested in working with me?   I want to hear all about your business, goals, and how much you'd like me to help. Let me know what kind of writing project you have in mind. I'll respond within 24 hours.

 Let's talk!

One More Thing Paperback

Free-spirited, thirty-something, dancer Monica Charles doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to men, but now Anthony's come along. Handsome, funny, and attentive, Anthony. He could be her Mr. Right. Things are looking up for Monica… apart from one small problem, well a rather large and annoying problem...., 

District Attorney, devilishly handsome and charming, Chase Fitzpatrick, is back and ready to put a ring on it. Monica's happy with Anthony and nothing can come in between their love, right?

Chase is not taking no for an answer and will do anything to get the woman of his dreams back into his life...forever.

What happens when our past interrupts our future?

Monica's about to discover that the past can come back to haunt you and the future you imagined could slip right through your fingers. Discover one woman's search for happily ever after one more time.

Available Sept. 30

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