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Independent Ghostwriter

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As an experienced bestselling author, I'm putting my magic wand to work to help create your next book. 

I'm a independent ghostwriter and copywriter. 

I specialize in writing in-depth blog posts about marketing and B2B topics. I help creative entrepreneurs write books to grow their brand and business. 

I help nonprofits, small businesses and authors who want to change the world craft killer content so that they can get increase sales, website traffic, and brand awareness.

My content services include web writing, content marketing, email, and social media marketing.

I  do more than simply write words on a page! I provide measurable results for your business and brand. 

Come in, grab some coffee, and learn how to forge an intimate connection with your writing bestie. Together, we’ll breathe life into your book or increase your website traffic. You and me – an unbeatable team!!


Trust God and Chill

Trust God and Chill, an intimate collection of essays, affirmations, devotions, and thought provoking topics about having faith and patience in good times and bad.M.C. Walker explores her triumphant and defining relationship with God that continues to challenge her mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Have you ever searched for God in your darkest hour? Have you ever wanted things to go your way?

We all have. Learning to trust God in the midst of chaos, breakdown, and uncertainty is how we learn to chill and allow God to work exceedingly in our lives. 

Available April 1, 2019


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