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In addition to having 10 years of professional writing experience. My editing and ghostwriting specialty is nonfiction. I understand the editing nuances that go with writing a nonfiction book, like the amount of research necessary, the importance of citing sources correctly, and the delicate balancing act that goes with including an author’s story (how much to include and when).

For all the benefits that a book can bring to your business, planning and writing one can be a hard, lonely task. Not only do you have to actually write the book, but you also have to worry about how you’re going to publish and sell it. And Google will only get you so far.

That’s where I come in.

I help creative entrepreneurs and bloggers craft stellar books no matter what stage of the writing process they’re in. Whether you have the seed of a book idea, or you have a completed manuscript ready for editing, I’m here to support you and ensure that your work spotlights your expertise.

Every business starts with a problem. Mine? I believed getting the good messages out in a noisy world shouldn’t be so dad-gum difficult. So I threw up a peace sign ✌️​​​​​​​to corporate-level agency life to start my own thing.

I help you make more money with your words, so you can work from a place of a little more rest—and a little less hustle.

I am committed to helping diverse individuals with contemporary stories to tell—no theme is too provocative, no message too controversial unless it propagates harm toward others.  Since serving as a private writer is always an intimate, honorable affair

I also enjoy speaking at workshops, conferences, or retreats for solo-preneurs or creative business owners.


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