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M.C. Walker is a creative visionary from the great city of Atlanta.  With a passion for reading, writing was a natural progression for the Georgia native.  Featured in the bestselling anthology from Brown Girls Publishing, The Dating Game  was confirmation that M.C. Walker was on the right path.  M.C. Walker was propelled to pursue a career in the literary industry. In 2017, M.C. Walker successfully self published her first debut novel One More Thing. Later adapting the novel into a stage production Baby When I Used To Love You.

Successfully publishing her inspirational nonfiction memoir Pieces of Me : Things I've Learned Along The Way in April 2018. M.C. Walker has trailblazed her way into the hearts of many by  encouraging women on her successful lifestyle blog, www.seeminoltawrite.com, 

Propelled to change the world with inspiring content and living a purposeful life, M.C. Walker will be launching her podcast, Elevate Your Life: weekly inspirational podcast for the aspiring entrepreneur in December 2018. 

M.C. Walker enjoys reading, listening to music, and encouraging others to pursue God and living a purposeful and fearless life. Connect with the author and visionary @writermcwalker

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