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5 Reasons Freelance Writing Is Going

To Be Big In 2019

April 1, 2019

When you're considering freelancing in 2019, it's important to weigh the pros and cons. For obvious reasons, a regular 9-5 has its advantages like steady income and health insurance. Once you decide to freelance for a living you're stepping into a different arena. Your livelihood is based on your ability to attract clients, discipline, and managing money responsibly. Of course, most people prefer to focus on the perks of freelancing. Like being able to sleep in late or not telecommuting daily. Those all great things to consider when you're thinking about taking a different direction in the future. 

In 2019, more than half of the country has two or three side gigs to maintain the livelihood. More people are choosing to start a business and sacrifice a few ideas to pursue what makes them happy. Freelancing is no different.  Freelancing is essentially utilizing all of your skills and qualifications to work independently. With startups and technology changing the way we live and function as a society. It's more of an opportune time to step out on faith, network, and create an in-demand gig for yourself. For example, if you have skills as a photographer. You can work with local artists in your area to build a portfolio of your work. 

By sharing your work online and creating a landing page of contact info and rates, you're essentially in business. Freelance writing is going to make a huge impact in 2019 for the simple reason of technology. Technology has created a demand for more information to be shared frequently by consumers. Businesses are launching websites and products that need descriptions. As a freelance writer, you can create a demand for your service by presenting yourself as a knowledge-based resource.

Here are 5 reasons freelance writing will be big in 2019:

Working from anywhere in the world- Being able to work from anywhere in the world has always been a dream for many people. Whether you're inside of a coffee shop or library, you can complete a writing assignment within an hour and make over $100 with a few hours.  Anytime you can trade in an office cubicle for the beach is always a bonus.

Less Stress- The cost of living is increasing and wages are decreasing. When you're trying to just " make it" from week to week with little to no money is stressful. The money will always be a barrier between living the life you have and the one you want to become a reality. You minimize stress when you have more money in your account and able to establish stability. 

Job Security- Big businesses are filing for bankruptcy frequently in 2019. No longer can a household function primarily on one income. Job security has it's limitations and is costly to your future. Today's market promotes the flexibility to increase your income in your spare time by working from home at your convenience. 

More Opportunities- Freelance writing allows a writer to interact with higher clientele of clients in different industries. If you can position yourself as a technology expert, tech companies will hire you to promote and/or educate their target demographic. The cool thing about freelance writing is that you don't have to remain in one particular industry for too long. You can expand your knowledge to grow in a different direction. 

New skills to increase your income- A lot of freelance writers begin their career by working for free. That's great for building your portfolio. However, your portfolio is just the sample of your writing skills. Your portfolio diversity can leverage your income from a couple of hundreds of bucks to thousands of dollars in no time. The skills you've learned in the workplace are transferable to your success as a freelance writer. 

Whether you're hired to create articles online for LinkedIn or work with personal injury lawyers on case studies. The opportunities are endless for freelance writers. As a freelance writer, it's important to remember that as an independent professional, you are your business. Before people invest in your skills and services, they take an interest in who you are as a whole. Always present yourself professionally and authentically online to potential clients. Take your career seriously from the beginning and your bank account and network increase.

Content Writing Is Crucial To Your Business Learn Why

April 10, 2019

Gone are the days of looking up your business in the yellow pages. Today, you want your business to be on the first page of Google. Why? To increase brand recognition, profit, and establish yourself as an industry leader. More often than not, businesses miss key opportunities to make new connections with customers. How? They don't have a blog on their website with specific keywords. Those important keywords are what your customers are going to Google for results. If the potential customer can't find what they are looking for in your business. They will move on to your competitor. We definitely don't want to leave money on the table or pass it on to our competitors.

Digital marketing and fresh relevant content is the way of the future. No one is spending hours online for a local business to service their immediate needs. Customers want to meet with fast, friendly, and fantastic service from the moment they discover your website.

Sounds unfair? Maybe. With the internet dominating the way consumers purchase, sell, and operate a business. You don't want you up and coming business to get lost in the shuffle. Trust me, no one is searching for "Atlanta Roofers" on page ten. 

How do you beat the competition? Content writing. Quality content writing is the most important part of your SEO. With quality, SEO-friendly formatting is very important because the Google algorithm looks for important words at particular places on your web page or blog post. That's right Google is your friend, not your enemy. However, this friendship can only be successful if you are investing in the quality of the content on your website.

The only way to succeed in a competitive industry is to constantly be two steps ahead of the competition. A lot of business owners invest more money into building the website and not educating customers on the benefits of the product or service. Your customer or client wants to make an educated and well-informed decision before purchasing. Stop scratching your head and wondering why your business is not converting potential customers into long term clients. Your business will continue to suffer each quarter if your content is outdated or not present when customers are looking for your business online.

Content Writing Strategies For The Entrepreneurially Challenged

April 23, 2019

Contrary to popular belief your entrepreneurial journey will not be exactly like someone else's. The good news is you can still make your dreams of self-employment come true. In today's technology-based market, entrepreneurs rely a great deal on content to create buzz and promote their products or services. 

While most entrepreneurs excel at meeting eager clients and consumers at in-person events or conferences. A majority of entrepreneurs are struggling with what to produce online to draw more attention to their websites and social media pages.

With a flooded market, content marketing gradually challenges aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs to think outside the box.  It can be challenging when more often than not the information seems to be repetitive or confusing. 

How can an entrepreneur utilize content writing to separate themselves from the pack?

Understand your audience and tone: Most consumers love to be educated and excited about a new product that can possibly enhance their lives. Unfortunately,  entrepreneurs often miss the opportunity to engage with their audience because they don't have the right tone. Nor do they understand the audience core values. You don't have to be super formal when addressing your audience. Also, you don't want to be so informal that they tune you out completely. Instead, focus on being yourself in your writing and write purposefully to educate your audience.

Do your research and make it profitable: Today people are receiving information in a variety of ways. As an entrepreneur, you're probably most comfortable researching your business or industry online and thinking of your competitors. That's fair. Consider the option of expanding your mind and research more in-depth to reach a broader audience. For example, if you were researching stats on marriage in the last decade and promoted the studies to online magazines. Perhaps a relationship podcast could feature you as a guest. The goal is not just to put the information online for people to discover once and walk away. The goal is to move the needle amongst curiosity and increase awareness of your expertise.

Identifying your singular customer: One of the most costly mistakes entrepreneurs make when promoting a product or service is grouping the customers together. If your customer is AA female, college educated, and married you've identiftied core principle factors. However, there is more to be discovered about this demographic. Instead of creating content for the whole begin to think in terms of talking to one person. For example, if you were having a conversation with the AA female, what questions would you ask? The answers to the questions will give you a better understanding of who your demographic audience is and how they purchase.

When it comes to conversion and gaining consumer loyalty. You have to be open minded and willing to be flexible in your marketing strategies. Not all consumers are alike, the same as an entrepreneur. When creating content online, you have to be purposeful and quick-witted enough to capture your audience attention. The only way to beat the game is to frequently think outside the box.

How I Turned My Hobby Into $1,000 Paying Clients

February 25, 2019

Writing takes hard work and consistency. When you add trying to make a living from typing on your computer all day, it becomes challenging. Most people either fail to start or fail at starting. Trust me, I’ve experienced both for the longest time. I had ideas inside of me and the desire to sit home and write all day. But, the way my relationship with my rent, utilities, and expenses were set up I was afraid to make a move. Sounds familiar?

A lot of people often dream of making a leap of faith into writing for a living. It’s not an easy decision. However, with some careful planning and marketing, you can take the leap. When I decided to become a full-time writer this year, I was entirely fed up with my work environment. I had no control over my life and I was entirely fed up with putting my writing in part-time status. The transformation began inside my mind and showed up in my actions. A series of events occurred within the workplace and I became uncomfortable. I cleaned out my desk and strategically planned my exit strategy.

I went home and started writing my memoir Pieces Of Me: Things I’ve Learned Along The Way. While writing my memoir I began praying for strength and clarity to do what was on the inside of my heart. I had a household to support and kids to raise. I couldn’t just jump out there. I started a new job and hated it. At the same time, I had my refund check. Most people would buy a car or even pay off debt, I considered the same. But, something inside of me said to use this to support your family while you pursue your career.

For many years I began ghostwriting on content mill platforms. Clients would pay me a small amount to write for them. I couldn’t feed my family off of $100 bucks a month. Ghostwriting was something I did on and off over the years. It was pocket change. This time around I wanted to be taken seriously and earn more pay. Here’s how I earn $1,000 per client :

-I promote myself in Facebook groups, online chats, and networking events: I’m not strong-arming people to work with me. However, I present myself as knowledgeable and easy to work with online and in person. I offer free 15 minute consults and I follow up within a few days. No one is going to represent me better than me.

-I increase my skills frequently: I’m not just a ghostwriter of fiction. I can write blogs, long forms, articles, sales copy, and etc. How? I read avidly and I write consistently. Thus, when the opportunity comes available I’m prepared.

-I’m a professional freelance writer: Have you ever come across a business you wanted to serve only to find the website is under construction? Social media page is private or vulgar? Yeah, it happens. Luckily, my social media platforms consistently promote me as a ghostwriter, I educate my audience, and my website is clean and easy to understand.

-I am affordable in pricing my services: I don’t give the whole house away anymore when I first started writing for others. I am up front and allow my clients to make a 50 % deposit to secure services and the remainder is due at the conclusion. I’m not a one-stop shop. I assist my clients with editing, social media, marketing, and blogging when applicable.

-I save room for growth and opportunity- I am a one-woman operation. I only take on 3-4 clients a month and focus on my projects for the remainder of the year. I like to put my money where I eat, thus I create my own books to support my business.

You can turn writing into a business with the right strategy and consistency. Don’t shrink or talk yourself out of an opportunity because you don’t have experience. Start a blog, sign up for a course, or read a book to push yourself to earn more. Anything is possible when you have faith!


March 1, 2019

Given the rapid development in information communication technology and the increasing rate at which people spend time on the internet than in front of the TV, businesses of all sizes are shifting their marketing strategies from traditional forms of advertisements to digital marketing so as to better engage customers, grow brand awareness, and generate revenues.

While more than 90% of B2C and 88% of B2B firms are integrating inbound content marketing as part of their paid, owned, earned, and media positioning; developing unique, engaging, and value-added contents have become a vital requirement when doing business online to gain organic visibility, drive traffic, retain prospects, and convert leads to sales.

According to a recent study by Kapost (in collaboration with Eloqua), content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates three times as many leads. With such an increase, it is, therefore, important that businesses as part of their “content optimization tactics for higher conversion rate” consider utilizing the following hacks.

Besides, what’s the point of having a high impression without generating leads and making sales?


Looking to boost your website conversion rates and increase sales? If yes, here are some content marketing hacks that will help your businesses stand out from the competition!


Deciding which content will better attract your visitors could be a daunting task but it is one of the prerequisites for attracting customers through your content marketing. In other to help you select the most suitable topic for your next content creation, here are a few tips you should consider.

• Research the type of contents your competitors are posting and evaluate their engaging ratio.

• Choose the most trending topic as relate to your business and develop your own marketing strategy.

• Carry out in-depth keyword research that is relevant to what people are searching for in your business industry so as to draw traffic to your website.

• Initiate an on online B2C & B2B survey in correspondence to your chosen topic to determine the exact needs of your customers.

• Develop your contents and optimize it with your keywords research to solve one or two of your customers need from your survey.

• Lastly, proofread your content for errors and publish.


According to a Huffington article, the average internet user sees about 11,150 ads per month while the average London commuter according to The Guardian sees 130 ads during his or her 45-minutes journey to work. The question, however, is; “how do your business standout”?

Simple! Create unique and quality contents.

Creating high-quality contents is essential because not only are people tired of seeing the same ad style and tone, it is the surest way for you to entice your website visitors and please Google algorithm at the same time.

By producing relevant contents that spark interests, your website pages will be able to rank higher on Google search engine query, and people will trust your authority enough to spend their hard earned money on your products and services.


Creating the most informative content ever known is not enough to drive traffic to your website without the help of promotions. With promotions such as PPC or social media post boosts, you can get your contents right in front of your readers for easy conversion rate. But that’s not all!

When it comes to online advertisements, identifying the right social channel for maximum return on your investment is vital towards driving meaningful web engagements that will convert.

For brands and enterprises with an enormous customer base, it is advisable to promote your contents across multiple channels and social media platforms. However, if you want to opt-in for paid promotion campaigns on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you might want to narrow down your requirements to target specific demography for effective conversion.


Creating an interactive atmosphere for customers to comment, share your insights, or recommend a valuable resource, and vote for an interesting update about your brand will go a long way towards improving your engagements and brand’s authority in your chosen industry. The more likes and comments you get from your content, the more likely a prospect will request for your service or product.

However, You can also leverage the comments and insights of your customers to identify their needs and strive towards providing solutions that address those needs. By solving and answering important questions your customers have, they will look up to your brand for answers and will be willing to pay when you send them a quote.

NB: always acknowledge the comments of your audience by appreciating and replying with a “thank you” message and most importantly further address or elaborate on their replies.


When it comes to effective content marketing, you need the best written and well-optimized content to have an edge over your competitors. While sourcing your products and managing your various sales channels will require much of your attention, you need a dedicated content writer that can constantly provide you with compelling and high-quality contents so that you can tackle other pressing needs for optimum time management.

How To Freelance Your Way Out Of Debt

March 15, 2019

Within the last several years freelancing has become a reliable source for getting out of debt. How? Technology. Over a decade ago freelancing seemed like a far fetched idea for many people. If you told someone you were freelancing your way through life they’d probably look at you dazed and confused. Being a freelancer of any industry normally meant you were typically struggling to pay your bills and to eat. Today, freelancers are utilizing their skills and developing successful online businesses. Freelancers have essentially figured out how to catapult their skills and get paid what they're worth. Thanks to the information age that we live and thrive within it’s more common to hire and outsource work. In a nutshell, large corporations are seeking ways to save money and penetrate smaller industry markets. Thus, they rely heavily on content creators with a blossoming audience.

Now, whether you have accumulated debt from college or found yourself in financial hardship recently. You’ve probably wondered how you were going to get out of debt, making a decent living, and do what you love on a daily basis. Great news! It’s now possible to do just that in today’s market. Not only can you pay off your credit cards, student loans, or etc. But, you can leverage your skills into developing a profitable organization and hire people to work for you.

What’s your passion?

Being a freelancer is all about combining what you love and learning to charge a reasonable rate for your service. People are always searching online for graphic designers, virtual assistants, or copywriters. With a professional portfolio and images, you can begin to promote your services online and in person. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, your professionalism should outdo your experience. People want to pay for excellent and quality results. No one likes excuses and a high ticket. Start with your passion for photography. Run a small ad online promoting your service for free for a limited time. You will have to wow your first few clients. Advise them that you would like to keep in touch. Don’t forget to offer your business card and website. Thus, when birthdays, graduation, special events, and etc come around you will be the first to call on their list.

Paying off your debt

Looking at your credit card bill can be intimidating and scary. For many people coming up with large sums of money at once seems nearly impossible. To often people ignore their debt and hope it will magically disappear over time. Unfortunately, the longer you ignore your debt, the worse it will be for you. The first thing you have to do is begin to write it all down. Write down what you owe in credit card bills, loans, past due bills, and more into different categories. On a separate sheet of paper, calculate your earnings and monthly expenses. The truth may hurt because you’re not making enough to pay off everything all at once. But, now that you are facing the problem head-on you can begin to tackle the problem bit by bit.

Learning to budget

The cool thing about technology is that there’s essentially an app for everything. Download a budgeting app on your phone. There are several apps to choose from that fits your preference. Plug in your debt, expenses, and earnings into the app. With the help of the app, you can begin to see where you are allocating most of your money. More importantly, you can begin to do the numbers and see how much you can begin to pay off monthly over time. You will have to be mentally prepared to be meticulous about your spending habits and making changes immediately. For example, instead of eating out three times a week, purchase food from the grocery store. Pay off a small amount towards your balance and store small amounts for a rainy day.

The plan

With your budgeting app and mindful spending underway, it’s time to make more money. As a freelancer, you can offer a variety of services to boost your income. More bloggers are getting paid to not just express themselves online. They have strategically partnered with brands to endorse products and make appearances at events. If you are a freelance writer, you can teach others about the craft of writing. Start consulting with small tech or financial firms about outsourcing their marketing. Create e-books on becoming a writer in the 21st century. Develop digital products to sell on your website. You can develop an e-course at a reasonable price to leverage your knowledge. The options are endless. The plan is not just to make a lot of money in a short period of time. The goal is to make enough to get out of debt and have more financial freedom over your life. You need to have a clear money goal each month of how much you need to make in order to maintain a living and get out of debt.

The golden rule

Have you ever heard of the golden rule of being in debt? The golden rule is to pay off the highest debt first. The APR will drive you insane. The strategic thing to do is to begin consolidating your debt and reach out to the credit company to see if they can lower the APR. You have options and power to begin to pay off your debt. You just have to be willing to negotiate a bit with the debt collectors.

The Payoff

Wouldn’t you like to know what it feels like to be debt free and reward yourself? Of course! You can open one credit card account and use it for emergencies or groceries. But, now that you are equipped with managing your finances better you will pay off the debt immediately. Gone are the old days where you have to be ashamed of your debt and settle for less than you deserve. As empowered freelancer making money on your terms you can create wealth and demand frequently. You just have to know where to begin and maintain healthy habits. 

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