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How To Write Without Driving Yourself Crazy

June 22, 2018

Whether you are writing a blog post, article, or a short story writing it to the end may seem a bit challenging.  It's one thing for us to conceive an idea within our minds. Yet, find difficulty in conveying the idea effectively on the page or screen. Frustration, anxiety, and anxious to get the job done can add pressure to our creative process.  Before long, you either give up on the article or blog post entirely or hit the procrastination button until the idea becomes a distant memory.

Before you chuck your computer or tablet into the trash, here are a few tips and suggestions to write effectively without going crazy.

  • Take notes. Our memories are growing shorter every day and our attention spans are almost obsolete. A sure-fire way to flush out the idea that comes to mind is to write down notes.  Ask yourself what are you trying to say to your audience. Are you teaching them something new? Why is this information important? Your notes will push your creativity into overdrive
  • Open a window: Have you ever seen those movies where a writer is sitting in a comfortable nook beside an open window? I'm sure you have and thought that seems comfortable. Comfortability is important. However, the focus is on your imagination. When we stare out into the abyss of an open window we give our minds the permission to explore the unknown without constraints.
  • Backspace and delete: Don't be afraid to hit the backspace and delete button on your work in progress. Writing pushes your brain to the next level because you are not verbalizing your words, you're writing them on a page. So, you may run into a roadblock which is common. You don't have anyone over your shoulder advising you on what to say next. Backspace and delete give you space and opportunity to restrategize your next thought before going bonkers.

Write your next blog post or article confidently with these simple tips and suggestions. Remember, your writing not to satisfy your curiosity. You're writing to inform and educate the reader on a particular subject. 

3 Ways You Can Write Like Oprah

June 29, 2018

Oprah is a powerhouse businesswoman and a powerful media brand! We love Oprah for her wisdom, poise, and in-depth interviewing skills. We all want the Oprah effect on our careers and personal lives. For writers and authors alike, Oprah can breathe life into a stalling writing career. For many years, writers have clamored and scratched their heads trying to figure out how to write like Oprah. Oprah fans gravitate towards her for personal advice, encouragement, and career advancement opportunities.  While Oprah is a media mogul her signature moments come from years of life gems that impact our lives. Her wisdom becomes life affirmations, spark testimonials, and give hope to millions of people around the world. 

Writing a book is challenging at times.  There are so many books on the market, that you may lose your confidence to share your story. Perhaps you have been working on a story for a few years. Although it's a great story, you don't have to think your book will be as relevant to the market for several reasons. One of the main reasons a lot of writers don't share their story is because they fear failure. Is anyone going to read your book? Maybe the book will never sell? Sounds familiar. 

Here are three ways you can write a book like Oprah:

  • Be open and transparent with your readers: Oprah has taken her horrible childhood, injustices, and poor upbringing and empowered others with her testimony. People want to root for her because they can identify with her struggles of growing up poor. Instead of trying to be someone else in your books, allow your audience into who you really are and allow them to connect with you. 
  • Fail. Fail again and again: Oprah was not always Oprah. In order to become Oprah, she had to fail and fail again. It was in that failure that she found the courage and audacity to try something new. Adjust your dreams to fit your reality and persevere to the other side of destiny.
  • Find your audience and write for them: People enjoy a variety of things and we have different backgrounds. We all share one common identity and that is the desire to connect.  We want to experience life with others. Your audience does not have to be ten thousand people for you to liked and appreciated. Start small and grow your audience from a genuine and authentic place.

 There are people in this world searching for the next Oprah. Avid readers love a good story to share with friends and family. While many writers have considered writing books, producing films, and sharing articles. Many have missed the key ingredients to Oprah enormous success as a brand. You don't have to become Oprah to make a difference in your community. Oprah success was not immediate. Oprah's success is largely contributed to her humble and down to earth qualities, strong work ethic, and the power of believing that her message to the world is one that deserves to be shared and understood. Write the book that a reader will love for years to come.

5 Ways To Better Writing In Under 30 Seconds

August 10, 2018

We live pretty busy and often times hectic lives. It's hard work trying to come up with fresh ideas. An idea may come and go inside your head within a matter of seconds. If you don't write down that idea, you will probably become quite frustrated with yourself later. It happens. Luckily, we live in a technology-based era where technology is readily at our fingertips. Sounds rather a convenient option if you are a content creator, freelance writer, or author.  

All of whom are a wordsmith and creative people who play with words all day. But, if you're a business professional, student, or organization you probably need a little more help creatively. Why? Just because our strengths in our occupations make us cooler and poised around others. That same confidence does not always translate to a blank page or screen. Think about it. How many brilliant lawyers do you know? Maybe quite a few. They are analytical and great debators in a courtroom. Can't quite say the same thing when it comes to writing a cool caption on social media or click-worthy blog post.

Whether your profession is creative or analytical writing should be an added incentive in expressing your thoughts and ideas. Finding the time to write may seem challenging and almost impossible. We have to work at least forty hours a week, raise our families, socialize, and find time to maintain a little piece of sanity for ourselves. Most people only dream about writing a book, how to guide, or sharing their testimonial. Why? Simply put, writing takes up time and commitment. 

Whether you're a soccer mom or a startup founder, here are five ways to find time to write everyday within 30 seconds.

  •  Keep a notepad and pencil nearby at all times: Whether you have a journal or tablet next to your bed. For 21 days create a new habit of just writing something down that will encourage you to complete a goal.
  • Record your ideas in a device: Our phones are mini assistants. Download an app that allows you to capture that funny joke, interesting story, or a beautiful picture. Replay it later and your mind will do the rest of the work.
  • Pick up a book that causes you to think creatively: When was the last time you picked up a coloring book? Give it a try. Our creativity is our free-spirited side which closely resembles our childhood. Do something you once loved as a kid and watch your imagination soar.
  • Share your ideas with an accountability partner: We have accountability partners for all sorts of things. Losing weight, starting a business, saving money, and etc. Share your ideas with someone you love and trust and ask them to hold you accountable for your dreams of writing.
  • Don't overthink the idea, write it down and store it away: Writing is fun. Your imagination is exploring all of your senses and experiences collectively. Don't prohibit the process with perfection and anxiety. Writing is therapeutic for many people. 

What can you accomplish in 30 seconds today? We have the power to make a big change with small steps. 

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