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M.C. Walker Writing Services

Author|Ghostwriter| B2B Content Writer|Book Coach|Editor

As an online copywriter, I’ve written for dozens of industries

I’ve worked with clients across the USA producing high-quality copy for websites, email campaigns, landing pages, blogs, knowledge centers, content marketing and link building assets, and more. 

Contact me to find out more about experience in your industry.

Copywriting that attracts more clients and customers

Copywriting is more than just persuasive writing. It’s a combination of savvy strategy, breakthrough ideas, and well-crafted content that can dramatically boost the effectiveness of your website, emails campaigns, sales pages and ads.

Great marketing copy builds sales. In fact, if you can improve the copy on an email campaign by just 10%, you’ll see an immediate increase in clicks and conversions — and, ultimately, sales.

That’s why I specialize in helping businesses do just that: write great marketing copy.



As an online copywriter, my copywriter services are directed primarily at websites. This includes reviewing, planning, and writing content for blogs, knowledge centers, article marketing, and of course your main corporate website. I’ve been providing copywriting services professionally since 2015, and I’d love to talk with you more about your online copywriting needs now!


A comprehensive look at what may be holding your website back and ways to improve performance. You’ll receive a custom report you can use as you work on turning your website into a user-friendly, high-performing sales and lead-generation machine. Starting at $995


Interview with you to determine business goals and desired customer actions for your site.

Additional research to uncover potential opportunities and elements.

Detailed examination of your website’s content, personality, trust factors, navigation and organization, ease of completing desired tasks, etc.

Recommendations to address copy shortcomings and usability issues that are impeding a smooth, enjoyable experience, especially as related to site copy.

Detailed examples that illustrate the problems and a discussion of potential solutions.

Delivered in report form with a follow-up phone call to discuss findings and recommended action items.

Starting from $595.

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the site.

Expected turnaround is 2-4 weeks.

I’d love to talk with you about your site. Get in touch here and we can set a time to chat.


Research and recommendations for copy development and promotion activities, handed to you in a calendar that outlines what needs to be done by when. A big step toward keeping on track and controlling costs. Starting from $995. More info on content planning & promotion

Starting from $495

Here’s how I can help with your content planning and promotion:

We’ll talk a bit. I’ll research topics your audience cares about, related to your business area. Then, I’ll prepare an editorial calendar to schedule new content production and how and when it will be promoted. This will help you stay on track with:

Copy for your website

Customer communications

New posts for your blog

Updates on your social media profiles

Authoritative articles for publishing on third-party sites

Timely press release copywriting and distribution

Now, wouldn’t that make life easier? Get in touch today to start a thing of great beauty–a well-planned content production and promotion schedule.


Website copy (that includes SEO naturally), blogging services, article writing and research, press releases, case studies, newsletters, white papers and briefs, newsletters, and more.

Pricing depends on your industry, what you need and how you want to work together. Blog posts, articles and the like are available in packages or ad hoc, while you’ll be given a quote for website copywriting based on the parameters of the project. More info on my copywriting services

Specializing in online content for simply amazing websites:


You have a great service or product, and you need to give it a unique voice online. Your website is your home base. I can help translate your business’s personality into the right words. Let me show you how I can help you reach the hearts of your customers through a voice that’s all yours. 

Research, preparation and editing of website copy, includes SEO copywriting. Pricing starts from $2000 for sites with 5 heavy-hitting pages/sections. Let me know what you’re thinking, and I’ll give you a custom quote.


Your company’s voice also extends beyond your website. Customers expect more of you now. Let me show you how I can help with blog content planning, guest blogging, ghost blog writing, blog topic ideas and content generation, blog relationships and promotion, comment management and more. View samples of copywriting for blogs

Blog post copywriting starts from $490 per post.


Expert articles are one of the best ways to build your authority and credibility online. I’m the secret weapon for many creative businesses, ghost writing articles for knowledge centers, article marketing and thought leadership promotion. View samples of article copywriting.

Article packages starting from $900. (Pricing varies by industry, topic, and length of articles required.)


Press releases make an excellent tool for getting the word out, stimulating in-bound links, and building relationships with the media in your industry. I can help guide the process with writing, editing and wire submission of optimized press releases to get your news in front of more people.

Press release writing & distribution starting from $495. (Pricing varies depending on desired distribution and topic.)


Have content but want it to work harder for you? Put this experienced SEO editor to the task. Likewise, if you’re generally happy with what your website says but you want to make sure all is in order grammatically, my editing services will be a big help for you. Starting from $75/page


You want another pair of eyes to make sure all is in order (consistent word usage throughout, no embarrassing typos, keywords are used for impact, that sort of thing).

Editing help may be especially helpful if you know what you want to say, but English is not your first language.

Or, even when English is your first language, but definitely not the point you’d highlight in your basket of skills.

Starting at $30/page.

In some cases, copy may require more than editing. If so, I’ll provide you with a quote for copywriting and I’ll show you how I think it needs to be rewritten.

Show me what you’ve got and I’ll show you what I can do. Contact me here.

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