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Ghost Authorship Through an Organized Process to Create a Successful Interpretation of Your Vision

To ensure clients get exactly what they want when they hire a ghostwriter, M.C. Walker has developed a turnkey process based in book collaboration. This multi-step process invites regular client feedback and leads to repeatable results. It also creates a high level of accountability and transparency during the book’s creation.

Those looking to hire a ghostwriter know full well that not just any author will do. A freelance ghostwriter must be organized, efficient, dependable, and understand the basic foundations of what makes a book successful.

M.C. Walker embodies all these qualities and has a track record and resume that inspires confidence. She engages collaboratively with her clients to ensure that their ideas are what ultimately makes it on the page, and that the resulting book can be something on which they’re proud to put their name.

Anyone wondering where to find a ghostwriter who can take a book from concept to final product in a way that delivers on high expectations need to look no further than M.C. Walker. Her highly collaborative process invites maximum input while allowing the client to guide the direction of the book in a way that suits their unique vision.


Upon engagement, M.C.Walker will collaborate with you to identify and develop the central concept behind your book. Through a series of phone calls and direct interviews, you and she will work to bring out the essential themes, purpose, and takeaway messages you wish to communicate to your audience.

These big ideas form the basis of your book’s overall structure and organization. From them, M.C.Walker will collaborate with you to establish an outline and a table of contents. The client has the opportunity to review the book’s planning documents and the anticipated structure. 

Content Creation With Author Input

Once early content and structure have been approved, M.C. Walker will outline each chapter on a more detailed level and then start creating chapter summaries. Afterward, she will layout each chapter and begin crafting content one at a time. Chapter content is based upon the client’s own materials and sources, including direct interviews with them. M.C. Walker also conducts research and interviews with third parties to make the manuscript authoritative, persuasive, and up to the high standards of modern publishing houses. Clients have the opportunity to offer their input and ensure the writing is consistent with their goals and expectations.

Copyediting the Manuscript Draft

After the manuscript content receives final approval, M. C.Walker will conduct a thorough copyedit of each and every chapter. Copyediting ensures that the content is consistent, factual, mechanically correct, and totally in line with the client’s original vision. By the end of the copyediting process, the manuscript will be flawless.

This stage completes the process of creating a highly polished manuscript ready for submission to publishers. Thanks to M.C. Walker repeatable process, your book can achieve a high caliber of quality and audience enjoyability on par with some of the nation’s best sellers.

Ghostwriting is the most extensive service M.C. Walker offers. It is a great fit for first-time authors and busy professionals who have a compelling idea but lack the time and other resources to bring it to life.

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