M.C. Walker

Independent Ghostwriter


When it comes to putting your heart into what you love, M.C. Walker is a pillar in her community. Exceptional with words and committed to telling the story creatively. M.C. Walker has set herself apart from other ghostwriters. Why try the rest, when you've discovered the best?

 NOVELS. From genres as diverse as young adult, urban, romance, comedy, erotica or mainstream, M.C. Walker understand the process necessary to create a powerful story line, memorable characters, and an unforgettable reading experience for your reader.

BIOGRAPHIES and MEMOIRS. Have you overcome trauma or tragedy? If yes, M.C. Walker believes your testimony will not only save lives, it can change the world. M.C. Walker has aided people of all ages in the creation and development of their personal biography or memoir. She understands how important it is to “show” your story rather than simply “tell” it.

BUSINESS BOOKS and SELF-HELP BOOKS. Brand recognition is everything in 2019. Set your brand standards and values apart by educating your clients with a book.

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