Hourly Rates and Flat Fees

Hourly rates

 My current rate per hour is $35 which includes gathering research, writing, editing, and completing the work within the specified requested time frame. Yes, that includes trips to the restroom and for more coffee.  It doesn’t include naps or talking to my beloved. The hourly time frame will be discussed in the agreement with the client. 

In order to be fair with hourly rates and to my clients. I prefer to track my time by entering time start/time end in a spreadsheet or by using a program like toggle.com which allows me to send a weekly report. 

Flat Fees

Since starting my freelance writing business I've become efficient in completing writing tasks in a timely manner. Thus, this has helped me meet the needs of my clients each month. 

For a blog posts, depending upon the word count and research, the fee could range from $150-$250 a month.

Prices may vary.

Why choose a flat fee?

I know what I’m going to earn and the client knows what they will pay. Sweet.

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